While my Untitled Story Game writer writes, I'm busy learning how to make games in three dimensions. It's an entire dimension more than my last game, but I think I can do it. I've started by prototyping a room using Synty Studios POLYGON assets. These assets are certainly great for prototyping, but I will also be using them to make the final version of the game. I love the simple style, and the lighting really pops using these assets.


You see that dot in the middle of the screen? That's not a smudge. There's nothing wrong with your screen. That's a fledgeling reticle. Like with most first-person games, they're handy to help the player know what they're about to interact with. I spent a chunk of time setting up a script to detect and identify what the reticle is pointing to using raycasts. From there, I'm able to get a reference to the GameObject and its components. Finally, with that reference, I'm able to display on the screen what it is and prep it for interactions.


It probably seems trivial to experienced game developers, but I'm proud of this accomplishment. I'm excited for the possibilities...

Until next time!

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