What Was I Doing?

I've completed a handful of animations between the doors, drawers, and laptop and wanted to switch gears a bit. I pressed "Play" in the Unity editor and walked around the room. I saw the driver's license on the bedside table and went to interact with it to see where I left off. It floated into the air and the background blurred. "Oh yeah! I started this." Then the feeling of being overwhelmed washed over me. The complexities of coding an "item examination" mode started to codify in my mind, so I went to the Unity asset store to see what was out there. There were a few.

Immediately the dread set in…

Have I been wasting my time trying to figure it out myself? Should I use these assets to try and save time? What if they’re bad? What if they’re good? What am I bringing to this project as a developer if I can’t code these things myself? Will people think it’s a cop out? Am I selling myself short? Is this cheating? Does it matter? Will this devalue my proposition? Play my game! It’s important to me! I made it, well - mostly made it. You see this one thing was kind of hard so I gave up almost immediately and paid for it and plopped it my game. Yes! It’s still my game! How dare you insinuate otherwise! Buy my game!

I need to get out of my head. I think blogging about it is helpful. Thanks for listening. 🫶

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