Pre-Jam Brainstorming

  • Bricks (by Julia) - Six bricks times the number of players minus one are required. Bricks are in the center of the table. Slide your golden blink to the bricks. Players are trying to build a hideout for their gold. First person to get six bricks wins. (Would be nice to add a magic brick mechanic if we have time).
  • Candy (by Julia) - In Candy, there are 15 or more Blinks. Each Blink is a different type of candy. Blinks in the center of the table are unwrapped candies. Each player has a number of candy wrappers and must slide their candy wrapper to the right candy. A mismatch of wrapper to candy breaks a piece of the candy. Three wrong hits, and the candy is out of play.
  • Frogs (by Julia) - In Frogs, each player has a green Blink (frog). There are lilly pads. Some lilypads are golden. The gold lily pads are special. Click your frog to see how much jumping energy it has. You can get a number from one to three. You can hop your frog from lily pad to lily pad that number of times. Whoever gets to the golden lily pad first is the winner. Recommended with a large number of Blinks. Set the golden lilypad at setup, shuffle it into the other lilypads, and set the lilypads in a grid. Can only jump to adjacent lily pads. Story note: golden lilypad has the flies.

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