Day Zero

Theme Reveal

Julia is super excited about participating in the jam. After hearing that the theme is Lost and Found, we immediately knew that Frogs would be the perfect fit.

Applying the Theme

The frogs have lost their stash of flies, but they remembered that the lilypad they hid their flies on would turn golden when they found it. Whoever makes it to the golden lilypad first is the winner and gets the flies. Because it's the end of the season, the lilypads are getting weaker. There is a small chance a lilypad will break when the frog lands on it. The frog will lose an energy and the lilypad will turn to water.

Blinks Game Design

We think that the game will best be enjoyed with about 18 to 30 Blinks. This will need to be tested. During setup, each player takes a blink to be their frog blink and sets the amount of energy. The energy is equal to the number of hops that your frog may take. If you fall in the water on your last energy, you lose a turn.

(Getting ahead of ourselves, if we have rounds, the flies can modify your starting energy)

Preparing for Dev

I set up my GitHub repository and put some of basic VS Code configurations in there to allow Blinks development. I've also started putting in some pseudocode to help flesh out the sequence of events.

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