Day One

Initial coding session (with Julia)

Dad: What did we add to our code today, Julia?

Julia: Well, we didn't really add anything. We just started.

Dad: Is this so? I remember typing quite a bit! Are you sure we didn't add anything?

Julia: Well, um - we did add things. But we were actually just starting!

Dad: Okay, you jokester. What did we start with today?

Julia: That's better. What we started with is - we started with our Blink States and and made messages: "I am a lily pad" "I am a golden lily pad" "I am a frog" "I am water".

Dad: Awesome!

Julia: Daddy had to change tokenState to blinkState - he got mixed up!

Dad: *laughs* Okay Julia, well it's time for bed. Any last words?

Julia: I hope you like our coding and our Blinks game, because I do and I want you to, too!

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