The Final Day

Breakfast & A Scare

While Daddy was making breakfast, the uploader stopped working! Long story short, the POWER TARGET switch on the programmer was accidentally flipped to the off position. Thanks to everyone on the Discord server that helped me troubleshoot.

Finishing Touches

After the hiccup with the programmer board, we went back to work. Daddy programmed a sparkle routine for the golden lily pad and golden frog (frog in the win condition). Julia was very happy we had enough time to fit it into the final product.

Closing Remarks

Daddy: So. The game jam is over. What do you think?

Julia: I think it's awesome. Me and Daddy did a YouTube video on how to play it!

Daddy: What was your favorite part?

Julia: Of the whole thing? Or just now?

Daddy: Why not tell me both?

Julia: Okay. For this very last day, my favorite thing was *in a cute voice* adding the sparkly effect! And for the whole game jam, everything!

Daddy: Everything? Really??

Julia: Yes - everything! I think it was awesome!

Daddy: Me, too!

Bye everyone! Thanks for following along.

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